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HGV Training Tips

Tip – Whilst enquiring about driver cpc costs in and around Penzance TR20 remember that all new professional lorry drivers have to pass a practical driving test and well as the Driver CPC practical demonstration test.

Tip - During your time researching driver cpc costs in and around Penzance TR20 be aware that you could be refused a licence to drive an LGV if you suffer from epilepsy, however, if you remain seizure-free for 10 years without treatment you may be eligible for a licence with restricted entitlement.

Tip - If you are investigating driver cpc costs near Penzance TR20 it may be useful for you to be aware that you have to be 18 years old to drive a small goods vehicle (category C1).

Tip - If you are trying to find driver cpc costs in and around Penzance TR20 and already hold a vocational driving licence for the LGV you are driving which pre-dates the CPC programme, you do not need to take the Driver CPC tests, but you do need to reach the 35 hours of periodic training in the five year period in order for you have the CPC re-issued.

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